The opportunity to leverage collective giving towards real community change.

Strong belief in the importance of helping youth during their developmental years.

To be part of a group that makes a massive impact on our community.


Scott Barth

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Scott decided to become a member to meet like-minded people and make a generosity impact in Dane County. He is incredibly active in the community with affiliations at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Cancer Society & LLS, Children’s Home Society South Dakota, Augustana University Sioux Falls, SD, Habitat for Humanity & Middleton Outreach Ministry. Colleagues would most likely describe Scott as loyal, committed, genuinely wants to help others. His personal motto is: Listen, Respect & Be Generous. 

Regional Vice President, Thrivent Financial

Jeff Beckmann

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Jeff was inspired to become a member of 100 Men because he enjoys giving back. Jeff is married and has two grown children as well as two grandchildren. He and his wife are involved in many nonprofits, including DAIS, Responsive Solutions Inc, and Garding Against Cancer Coaches vs Cancer. Jeff’s personal motto is to love, laugh and live each day to the fullest.  His favorite activities are boating, bike riding, golf, Badger football, basketball and hockey. Colleagues would most likely describe Jeff as cheerful, spirited, and focused.

Owner, J & K Security Solutions

Mike Brandt

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Mike has found himself really embracing the idea of creating a positive sizable impact in our community and having a voice in who receives the contributions as well as seeing it put in action. Colleagues would most likely describe Mike as being energetic, passionate, respectful, kind, intelligent, and fun. He loves spending time with his family and friends, playing numerous sports, and being out on the lake. Mike and his wife are active members of the community, contributing to St. Stephens Church and many other affiliations throughout the year.

Founder/Owner, HMB Solutions

Dave Cappozzo

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Dave believes that it is our moral responsibility to care for the children of our community. That this organization was founded to directly provide support to the children of Dane County, by a group of men committed to the same purpose as his core beliefs, made the decision to join an easy one. Dave serves on the board for the McFarland Education Foundation and his family also is associated with Vision Trust International and World Vision. Hi motto is: Be kind. For everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Kyle Donskey

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Kyle became a member of 100 Men of Dane County because he wanted to do something that would have real impact locally. Another organization he is passionate about is Gilda's Club. Kyle loves spending time with his wife and daughters, playing guitar and singing in acoustic band Blue Spruce, playing golf, and boating at Lake Redstone. His personal motto is “Let's do this!” Flashing back to when Kyle was 10 years old, he wanted to be Bobby Orr when he grew up. Kyle’s colleagues would most likely describe him as high energy but keeping it light.

Vice President, Northern Battery

Brian Durst

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Brian is excited to participate in a community of individuals seeking to advance great causes in Dane County. Through Tribe 9 Foods he is also affiliated with Second Harvest, Feeding America, Clean Lakes Alliance, and United Way. Brian is married with two daughters, and he enjoys traveling, skiing, biking, and reading. A personal motto a mentor taught him, "You work really hard, work really hard work really hard, work really hard, and then become an overnight success." Brian hopes his peers would say he is passionate, kind, and hard-working.

Chairman & CEO,
Tribe 9 Foods

Larry Epstein

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Owner, Gallant Knight Limousine

Larry has always liked to give back to the community and joining 100 Men of Dane County seemed like a great way to do that. His favorite pastimes are biking, watching Badger and Packer football, and traveling. Larry's colleagues would most likely describe him as hard-working. His personal motto is: Don't give up - don't ever give up.

Todd Fortune

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The desire to support those organizations in the community that make Madison such a great place to live and work is what inspired Todd to join 100 Men of Dane County. He is also a Board member for the YMCA of Dane County. Todd is married with three children. His favorite activities include biking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. He also coaches basketball and hopes to have a positive impact in his player's lives.

Senior Financial Advisor,
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

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Jamie Fuller

Operator, Chick-fil-A West Towne

Jamie has a heart for kids and loves his community. 100 Men of Dane County allows him­­ to be a part of something where he can have a positive impact on both. He is also affiliated with The Salvation Army of Dane County and Blackhawk Church. Jamie like to stay active - golfing, basketball, hunting, and sports with his kids are some of his favorite activities. Most would describe him as a person who cares for others and is even-keeled and agreeable.

Bradley Fulton

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Brad Fulton.jpg

The opportunity to aggregate our funds and make such a positive impact multiple times throughout the year was appealing to Brad. In addition to 100 Men, he is also affiliated with Sunshine Place, UW Children's Hospital Development Partners, and Tellurian. Brad’s personal motto is: Be Kind. Be Thoughtful. Spending time with family and friends is what he loves to do best. A close second is playing golf. Those Brad is a firm believer that a thoughtful, deliberate approach is the best way to attack any challenge, even when needing to aggressively take on an issue for a client.

Founder, Caliber Law LLC

David Harding

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David was inspired by the organization's mission to serve the children Dane County. He has a passion for education and recognizes that part of what this organization does is to focus on education for children. David also supports the Madison Symphony Orchestra and Rising Star Outreach (focusing on lifting those in India affected by leprosy). He enjoys running, travel, reading, golf, cycling, and racket sports. David’s personal motto is “Life lived in the service of others is the best way to live life.”

SVP Strategy and Business Development,

Exact Sciences

Scott Haumersen

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Scott’s inspiration for becoming a member of 100 Men of Dane County is twofold – he loves the idea of having a simple way to give to four organizations a year that will have a high impact on them. He also likes the idea of fellowshipping with other men and talking about philanthropy and what it means to be generous in giving.  Scott enjoys most sports, but especially golf, tennis, skiing, and scuba diving. His favorite pastime of all is travel. Those who know Scott well would say that he is a fun, outgoing guy, who is very generous with his time and possessions.

Managing Partner, Wegner CPAs

Dave Heide

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Being able to have a huge impact in the community as a part of a larger community inspired Dave to become a member. His positive impact on the community is also shown in his involvement with Little John's, Boys and Girls Clubs, Madison Original's, and GMRC Madison. Dave loves spending time with his wife and three kids, cooking, biking, flying airplanes, and throwing pottery. His personal motto is “If you are able to help, help!” When Dave was little, he wanted to be a teacher when he grew up.

Madison-Area Chef

Owner, Liliana's

Terry Heinrichs

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Terry's reasons for being a member are simple. First, to give back. Second, to meet similarly minded guys. So, to do so in a collective, organized manner is fantastic. Terry is married, with two daughters. Terry enjoys Badger sports, sports car racing, family time, music, and classic cars. Terry is an active member of the community, supporting various non-profits, including Friends of Wisconsin Public Television, United Way of Dane County, Madison Rotary Foundation, Edgewood High School, and Queen of Peace Parish.

Senior Vice President & Wealth

Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch

Eric Heiting

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Eric decided to join 100 Men of Dane County because he thinks any organization that benefits children is an excellent cause. His colleagues would describe him as honest, ethical, compassionate and driven. Eric is married with three boys and favorite hobbies are water skiing hanging with his sons. He is an active member of the community and is also currently affiliated with American Family Children's Hospital. Eric’s personal motto is: “I believe if you do what's right for yourself and others it comes back to you tenfold.”

Brian Hensen

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Brian has been a Financial Advisor with North Star Resource Group since 1992. He has a strong belief in the importance of helping youth during their developmental years, which is why he decided to join 100 Men of Dane County. When he's not defending his current title belt for his Euchre Card Club (yes, he really does have a traveling title belt), Brian enjoys softball, Badger games, biking, travel, and time spent with his wife and two children. His involvement in the community also includes work with Unbound and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Financial Advisor,

North Star Resource Group

James Imhoff

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The impressive progress made by the group in such a short amount of time, and the quality of men committed inspired James to become a member. James is also associated with School of the Sacred Heart and a Committee Member for Coaches vs. Cancer Wisconsin. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, golf, and Badger sporting events. Colleagues would most likely describe James as fair, honest, and open. His personal motto is: Get busy living, or get busy dying!

Clint Jones

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Clint's passions are amateur car racing events, cars, golf, hunting, baseball, trap shooting, and travel. When he was 10 years old, Clint had dreams of becoming a pro ball player. If Clint were to choose a personal motto, it would be: "Life is made up of 10% of what happens to you and 90% the way you react to it."

Advisor Consultant, Hartford Funds

Greg Jones

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Greg is a strong believer in giving back to the community and believes this group can inspire others to do so. Hard working, dedicated, and loyal, Greg enjoys spending time with his family, golf, hunting, and basketball. His extensive involvement in the community also includes work with Habitat for Humanity, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Garding Against Cancer, Coaches vs Cancer, Children’s Hospital, and Second Harvest Food Bank. 

Dale Kalscheur

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Dale was inspired to join 100 Men of Dane County so that he could give back to the community, in an impactful way, making a difference. Married with two boys, his personal motto is, “Be kind, Be optimistic, Be grateful.” Dale enjoys running, boating, spending time outside and with family, and watching Badger sports. Dale’s involvement within the community also includes affiliations with the United Way, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and St. Francis Xavier Parish.

Vice President, Neckerman Insurance

Matt Karnick

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Matt Karnick.jpg

Matt was moved to join 100 Men because of the ability to give back to local-based organizations. He has a wife and two daughters. He enjoys spending time with them, hiking/biking and watching Minnesota sports teams (Skol Vikings!). His hidden talents include being a decent amateur woodworker, top-notch euchre player and a closet video game nerd. His motto is: Hard work beats talent went talent doesn't work hard. Matt’s colleagues would likely describe him as hardworking, loyal and empathetic.

Business Banker,

Monona State Bank

Josh Kosnick

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Josh is inspired by people coming together to do great things. He says that being part of a group that is able to give a few hundred thousand dollars per year away to charities is a very noble and worthy thing that he can get behind. In addition to 100 Men of Dane County, Josh is affiliated with Alex's Lemonade Stand, Haha's HERO Foundation, and Selfless Ambition. Colleagues would describe him as being a leader, driven, an open-book, growth oriented, and having high integrity.

Leader & Coach

Author of Inspire People Impact Lives Podcast

Joe Long

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Joe became a member because he’s interested in the dynamics that affect the lives kids lead and the adults they grow up to be, so he loves the mission of supporting the orgs that make a positive difference in kids’ lives. Joe has raised a son and daughter with his partner, Teresa. His personal motto is: “Anything worth doing is worth doing right!” Joe enjoys live music, fishing, travel, good food, and disc golf. His colleagues would describe him as passionate, driven, and creative.

Cory Lucke

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Cory really wanted to be part of something that could have more of a collective impact versus trying to do it individually, which is why he decided to become a member of 100 Men of Dane County. He  is also a member of the Nelson Family Foundation. His personal motto is: "Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try." Co-workers would likely describe Cory as a glass half full type person, typically trying to make light of any situation. Someone who is motivated, never late and likes to be the life of the party.

Co-Founder/Managing Partner,

LH Capital Holdings

Jared Markiewicz

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Jared is passionate about the younger generations in the Greater Madison Area, and providing an opportunity to use athletics and fitness as a means to a better future. Being involved in a charity group focused on providing for our youth organizations in Dane County only seemed logical. Jared is married with twin daughters. Jared's personal motto is: "Evolution is a must for success."

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Josh Marron

Senior Vice President,

Park Bank

The desire to support those organizations in the community that make Madison such a great place to live and work is what inspired Todd to join 100 Men of Dane County. He is also a Board member for the YMCA of Dane County. Todd is married with three children. His favorite activities include biking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. He also coaches basketball and hopes to have a positive impact in his player's lives.

Matt Mielcarek

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Matt has lived in Sun Prairie his whole life and after he graduated college and moved back to the area he was looking for a way to give back to the community. When another member told him about 100 Men of Dane County, he thought this was the perfect way to help give back, so he decided to jump right in and become a member. Matt is an active member of the community and is also involved with other local nonprofits such as Sunshine Place, Younglife, YMCA. Co-workers would likely describe Matt as being helpful and caring, always trying to help out any way he can.

Owner, Hallman Lindsay Paints

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Scott Mowatt

Business Development Manager,

Paul Davis Restoration

Scott was inspired to join 100 Men of Dane County because he was interested in finding new ways to help our community.  Scott is also involved with PFFW, UW Burn Center, Peyton's Smile, and Sundara Breast Cancer Recovery. His personal motto is "Everything happens for a reason." Scott's favorite activities are golf, cooking, watching his son play hockey and his daughter ride horses. Colleagues would most likely describe him as "The Fun Guy" his job allows him to build relationships with people every day by doing activities that people like to do.

Kevin Mullane

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Kevin believes impact that this group can have in our community is nothing short of amazing. On our own we are concerned and caring members of our community, but together we can provide funding solutions to the programs that are helping our kids to succeed! Other community organizations he is involved with include Blessed Sacrament Parish and the Madison Diocese and The Road Home Dane County. Kevin’s personal motto is, “There is ALWAYS a way around any obstacle!” Outside of work his time is spent with family and friends, helping others who need a hand or push in the right direction, and enjoying all the outdoor activities available in our community.

Co-Founder and President,
Talcott Group LLC.

Jeff Nachreiner

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Jeff enjoyed the idea of a larger group impacting smaller groups that help those in our community.  Jeff is an active member of the community, affiliated with various non-profits such as UW Burn Center, PFFWC, NINA. His personal motto is: “Put others before yourself.” His favorite leisure activities are golf, water sports, skiing, traveling and watching college basketball. Colleagues would likely describe Jeff as an honest person who takes care of those who work hard and is a self-made man that works to do his best for his family and strives to learn more daily.

Marty O'Connor

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The simple but powerful concept and structure of 100 Men of Dane County inspired Marty to become a member. He loves the idea of how big of an impact we can have each quarter as a group. Marty is the President and a Founder of Harvest in the Gardens Inc. which raises money annually for local food banks and supports the blessings in a backpack program. He is an avid yoga practitioner and also like to play golf and pickleball and fish in his free time. Marty’s person motto is: “Maintain balance and inspire growth.”

Mark Olsen

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Mark was inspired to become a member because he loves the idea of being a part of significant giving to local impactful causes. He is also affiliated with Rotary and he is on the Advisory Board of the Northeast YMCA. Mark loves coaching his kids in various sports, watching the Badgers, Packers, Bucks, and Brewers, playing golf and basketball. His personal motto is: “Work hard, play hard and enjoy life!” Collogues would most likely describe Mark as fun loving and hard working.

Dentist/Owner, West Prairie Dental

Steve Penn

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Portrait 2018.jpg

Steve wants to give back in an intentional, impactful way, which is why he joined 100 Men of Dane County. He is of high integrity, is hardworking, and has great attention to detail. Steve enjoys playing guitar, brewing beer, and playing hockey. He is active in the community, with involvement in Fetch WI Animal Rescue, Alex's Lemonade Stand (Childhood Cancer), Alzheimer's Association, Madison Homebrewer's and Taster's Guide.

Wealth Management Advisor,

Northwestern Mutual

David Porto

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David was introduced to the group by another member and has a true desire to give back. David is also involved with Redeemer City Church in Fitchburg. He and his wife are adopting a beautiful baby boy.
David enjoys singing and dancing and was in multiple performing groups in college (he met his wife in the Wisconsin Singers). David’s personal motto is: “Try it. If you don’t like it, that’s okay. But try it.” His peers would likely describe him as passionate, stubborn, and generous.

Jason Potter

More about Jason >


Jason was drawn to the mission of the group as he was looking for a way to help make a difference in our community. He is also affiliated with Second Harvest Food Bank (volunteer), Forward 4 Families (volunteer & sponsor), The Road Home (volunteer), and Porchlight - Emergency Men's Shelter. Jason enjoys family day-hiking with his wife and two daughters, drawing, and working with his wife in the yard. His personal motto is the Golden Rule - treat others as you would like to be treated.  Collegues would most likely describe Jason as someone who listens more than they talk, pretty laid-back.

Co-Founder & CEO,


Eric Raether

More about Eric >


Eric decided to be a member of 100 Men of Dane County because he loves the idea of having a large local impact. He has a wife and two children. Eric's personal motto is: "Work hard, play hard." When Eric was 10 years old, he wanted to be an astronomer when he grew up. In his down time, Eric enjoys golf, racquetball, and watching the Badgers and Packers. Other non-profits that he is affiliated with are Gilda's Club and Middleton Outreach Ministry.

Founder and Wealth Advisor,

Canopy Wealth Management

Brad Reitzner

More about Brad >

Brad Reitzner.jpg

Brad became a member of 100 Men of Dane County because he wanted to do his small part to make Dane County a better place to live for everyone. Brad’s personal motto is: “Keep it simple and have fun.” He enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children, traveling, golfing, and watching college football and the Milwaukee Bucks.  If Brad’s colleagues had to use one word to describe him, it would probably be: competitive.

Partner/Director of Sales 

Property & Casualty, M3 Insurance

Brett Riemen

More about Brett >


Brett's inspiration for becoming a member is his desire to give back to the community and be part of something that makes a difference. In the summer Brett enjoys wake boarding, wake surfing, volleyball, golf, and anything outside. During winter he enjoys snowboarding, snowmobiling, and sledding with his wife and two daughters. His personal motto is: "Be humble and kind." Being an active member of the community, Brett is also involved with McFarland Lions Club and McFarland Education Foundation.

Bruce Rosen

More about Bruce >


Bruce was inspired by the idea of a group being able to give $100k every quarter and fund a nonprofit. He is also a former President of the Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane Co; Remington Center Board if the UW Law School clinical programs, and Chair of the Building Committee of Hillel Building. The personal motto that Bruce lives by is: “Work Hard Play Hard.” He enjoys skiing, boating, and travel.

Attorney, Murphy Desmond S.C.

Geoffrey Sandler

More about Geoffrey >


Geoffrey joined 100 Men of Dane County to be a part of something that collectively is bigger than anything he could do on his own. His personal motto is: “Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.” Co-workers would likely describe Geoffrey as hard working, caring, and happy. An active member of the community, Geoffrey is also affiliated with AHA, Komen, Carbone, Garding, CvsC, Agrace, AFCH, CATCH, BGC, Gilda's Club, BBBS, Gigi's Playhouse, Reach a child, Heartland Farm, First Tee, and Hope House.

Owner, Celebrations Entertainment



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A friend of Blake’s introduced him to the organization. He was inspired to become a member to give back to the community. Other local non-profits he supports include the Children’s Hospital and Big Brothers and Sisters of Dane County. A few of Blake’s favorite personal mottos are: “Don’t let best get in the way of better.” “Shift your thinking from ‘no because’ to ‘yes if.’” His favorite activities are watching the Green Bay Packers and college football, playing soccer, downhill skiing, woodworking, and boating. Colleagues would likely describe Blake as strategic, innovative, creative, persuasive, respectful, and a thoughtful leader.

Siemens Healthineers,

Executive Strategy, Growth & Innovation

Steve Schick

More about Steve >


Steve loves the concept of 100 Men of Dane County, especially being that it's geared towards children. He knows that $100k can be a game changer for a charity and he's excited to be a part of it. Steve has a wife and two kids and enjoys golf, pickleball, skiing, basketball, water sports, family vacations, and lake weekends. His personal motto is: "Good things come around for good people." Steve's involvement in the community also includes work with Our Savior's Lutheran Church (Sun Prairie) and the TASO Foundation (Sun Prairie).

John Schneider

More about John >


John feels that it is great to be able to be a part of something that gives large donations to local charities that are creating value right here in Madison. He has a wife and two children and believes in being open, honest, and transparent. A talent that many people may not know about John is that he is a musician - singer and songwriter. He also enjoys kite surfing, golfing, playing music, and fishing. In addition to being a member of 100 Men of Dane County, John is involved with the Red Cross, Boys & Girls Club, and Sunshine Place.

President, Property Revival LLC

Jay Sekelsky

More about Jay >


Jay was inspired by the great work being done by 100 Men right here in our community to support the needs of kids and their families. In addition to being engaged in the non-profit community, he is also very involved in the "start-up" community in Madison. Jay is married with three adult children and loves any hobbies that involve being active. His personal motto is: “A life spent helping others is a life filled with purpose.” Jay’s colleagues would most likely describe him as easy going, organized, dependable, helpful, and optimistic.


 Zermatt Investors, LLC

Tim Stadelman

More about Tim >


Tim was looking for a grass roots way to help support the community and at the same time connect with people in our community have that same passion when he decided to become a member. He has a wife and three sons and loves all things sports - golf, any Badger event, but Basketball and Football especially, and has been a Packers shareholder for 20+ years! Tim is an involved member of the community, working with YMCA of Dane County, Rotary Club of Madison (Downtown Rotary), and Coaches vs Cancer Wisconsin.

CFO, J.H. Findorff & Son, Inc.

Alan Steinhauer

More about Alan >

Alan Steinhauer.jpg

To be a part of a group that can impact the community in such a large way relative to his personal giving was inspirational and drew Alan to the cause of 100 Men of Dane County. Colleagues would likely describe Alan as being a very even-keeled personality, but extremely organized and a perfectionist across the board when approaching anything in life. Alan’s involvement in the community is also reflected in his being a board member and marketing chair for The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin and his membership in Downtown Madison Rotary.

Carl Tatsuguchi

More about Carl >


Carl became a member because he wants to make a difference for children in need. He finds 100 Men of Dane County to be a worthy cause that is grass roots impactful. He is also involved with  various charities through the United Way in Lake County Illinois and company local community service projects. Carl's personal motto is "Get it done now." His colleagues would most likely describe him as organized, optimistic, detailed, and friendly. 

Director, Supply Chain

Oncology and Pipeline

Chris Tierney

More about Chris >


Chris was inspired to become a member of 100 Men of Dane County because he saw it as a great and impactful way to help the community with like-minded professionals. Chris and his wife have a young son and as a couple are affiliated with several non-profits in the community. His personal motto is: “Don’t just want, ask yourself what you have to do to get what you want.” If a colleague were asked to describe Chris, they would likely say he is honest, fun, and an open book.

Senior Vice President,

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Dale Tomalin

More about Dale >


Coming soon...

More about Bob >

Bob Vasa.jfif

Bob Vasa


UBS Wealth Management

Bob was inspired to become a member of 100 Men of Dane County when a co-worker told him about the cause. He is also affiliated with Ravinia festival in Highland Park, Illinois. Bob’s personal motto is: “Believe and achieve.” Some things that most people don’t know about him is that he owned a nightclub and played the clarinet. Bob enjoys tennis, skiing, and Texas Hold‘em. His colleagues would likely describe him as outgoing and creative.

Mike Victorson

More about Mike >


Mike had heard about a similar organization to 100 Men of Dane County that women had organized, so when this group was brought up to him by another member, it was a no-brainer. His family consists of his wife and three children and his favorite hobbies are golf, music, fishing, and traveling. Mike’s personal motto is: “Everyone needs ‘team’ in their life.” Colleagues would describe Mike as energetic, passionate, and a good communicator. When he was 10 years old, Mike aspired to be The President of the United States when he grew up.

President & CEO, M3 Insurance

Bret Wagner

More about Bret >


Bret was inspired to join by the Idea of multiplying the impact of his giving by 100x and the ease of giving. He is also the current board president of Junior Achievement of Wisconsin and is involved with Shepherd Lutheran. Brett’s personal motto is: “Life Wholeheartedly Never Stop Learning.” He enjoys pheasant hunting, fly fishing, skiing, camping with his family, windsurfing, woodworking, and competing in races. When Bret was 10 years old, he wanted to be something in business like his Dad, who later went on to become VP of a large education and agriculture products company. He tried to mirror his attitude and work ethic.

Consulting Director,

Huron Consulting Group

Clint Walkner

More about Clint >


Clint's inspiration for becoming a member of 100 Men of Dane County was his desire to start giving back more to the community in a really impactful manner. He is married with two children and enjoys golf and sporting events. Colleagues would most likely describe Clint as being friendly and trustworthy. If you were to join him for happy hour, his order of choice would be Death's Door Gimlet.

Russell Wolff

More about Russell >


Russell was inspired to become a member because he liked the idea of contributing to an organization that makes meaningful contributions to worthwhile organizations. In addition to being a member of 100 Men of Dane County, he is also President of The Aly Wolff Foundation. Russell's personal motto is: "Be humble and kind." His colleagues would most likely describe him as honest, reliable, and hardworking.