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  • What percentage of the money raised goes to the charity choosen?
    100% of the money raised goes to the charity! With our sponsors and our executive board doing all the work as a donation, we are able to give it all. No additional fees or payments necessary. You can always send more for us to give away to make an even bigger impact. Pretty cool that we can give 100% away if you ask us!
  • When I sign up to be in 100 Men of Dane County, what is the tax deduction received?"
    If you sign up for single membership, you will be able to deduct the entire amount of the donation. Sponsorship levels will be able to deduct a majority but due to receiving in kind value, that number will not be full deduction. Please email for specifics.
  • How does the executive board review the applications for grant?
    The board meets as a group to review all grants received in the timeline noted on the website, under calendar. The top three organizations that make it through the board review will then be asked to make a video, no more than 2 min in length, so that we can show to our entire group of 100 men who you are and why are deserve the gift. From there they will vote and the top choice will be the recipient of the money. The winning organization will be invited to our next event to present the money to and have you say a little something to the group.
  • How often can an organization win and receive the gift from 100 Men of Dane County?
    You can apply as many times as you wish, but we will only be able to give to each organization every 2 years due to the number of charities and child based needs in our area.
  • As a member of 100 Men of Dane County, how do I vote?"
    The top 3 charities/organizations that make it through the executive board process will send out a video to the board. Once the board receives them all, we will send them off to all members to review and vote. Voting will be open all week once you receive the email to review and vote.
  • I am interested, how do I sign up?"
    That is great! Please sign up on the "Sign Up" tab and you will be registered. Once registered you will be sent a secure link to sign a one year agreement and ACH payment to complete the process.
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