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"We believe students should be hungry to learn, not hungry."


—  Food4TI


Food4TI is the 100 Men of Dane County 2nd Quarter Winner for 2018

Food for Thought Initiative is making an impact, one meal at a time. No child should be faced with the struggle of wondering when their next meal will be. We find comfort knowing that non-profits like Food4TI are giving their all to make an impact and put healthy food in the hands and homes of local kiddos. Congratulations on your gift! We know you will continue to make incredible strives in our community!


The Food for Thought Initiative (Food4TI) is a volunteer organization that aims to improve food access and alleviate hunger among Madison area school students and their families.

Food4TI provides school-based nutritional support because they know that hunger impairs learning, behavior, and ability to attend and focus. They believe students should be hungry to learn, not hungry.

In addition to ensuring that every student has access to sufficient and nutritious food, Food4TI strives to increase the awareness of students, educators and the general public that access to sufficient and healthy food is a necessary prerequisite to academic success.


-- Volunteer services of a lawyer for consultation.

-- Volunteer services of an accountant.

-- A software developer for Thea's Table to create menus & track inventory.

-- Volunteers to recruit sponsors for fund-raising events.

-- To expand their programs, Food4TI needs the donation of a larger, climate controlled storage and packing space, and to increase their number of drivers and packers.

-- Food4TI will needs more volunteers to staff Mendota, Cherokee Heights, and East High Pantries.

-- To begin more food pantries, Food4TI will be recruiting pantry directors, shoppers, and volunteers.


Lea Aschkenase, Founding Director, 

Jim Green, Director, East High School Food Pantry,

Mary Lou Taylor, Director, Thea's Table Weekend Food Program,

Joel Wish, Director, Sandburg Elementary Food Pantry,

"I would  not have eaten anything all weekend -- the food pantry allowed me to keep up my strength and spirits. Thank you."

-- East High School pantry user.

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