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"We believe we can make a huge impact against food insecurity in our community."

—  Little John's Kitchens

Little John's Kitchens

100 Men of Dane County 2nd Quarter Winner for 2021


Little John's is the community's kitchen for transforming food excess into accessible, chef-quality meals for all regardless of their means.

Little John's Kitchens

Congratulations to Little John's Kitchens, our Q2 Grant Winner!

The $87,500 grant from 100 Men of Dane County will be directed towards the purchasing of a new delivery van to expand their food distribution efforts. With these funds, Little John’s Kitchens will be able to increase their amount of wholesale contracts, due to their improved ability to transport fresh “Ready to Eat” and “Ready to Heat” meals throughout the Madison area.

Little John’s Kitchens takes an innovative approach to increasing food security—using efficiencies of scale to transform food excess into food access. Their primary mode of food distribution at the moment establishes wholesale contracts with local organizational food programs. Through centralizing the collection, processing and/or redistribution of excess food at their production kitchen, Little John’s can serve as an alternative, affordable food supplier with the ability to cut their partner program’s food costs to provide chef-quality meals for all regardless of their means.


40% of all food produced in America is thrown away, before it ever reaches a consumer; a staggering 60 million tons or more of food a year. Food is thrown away at several phases of production: growing, packaging, shipping, and selling.

As grocery store consumers we expect perfect produce. One bump, bruise, or slight discoloration on an item typically means it sits unpurchased until it is thrown away. To create appealing, visually abundant displays, grocers purchase excess product, which results in higher rates of waste and spoilage.

Little John's primary focus is toward the end of the production line, in the grocery stores. Little John’s partners with grocery stores, taking nutritious ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away due to cosmetic or display space reasons, and converts them into healthy, chef-quality, delicious meals.

Little John's takes excess food from grocery partners and turns it into amazing meals, every day.

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