Are you a 501c3 that supports local children in Dane County? We want to support you! Apply below today!

The founding members meet as a group to review all grants received in the timeline noted under the Calendar tab. The top three organizations that make it through the initial review will then be asked to make a video, no more than two minutes in length, so that we can show to our entire group of 100 Men who you are and why you are deserving of the gift. From there, the members will vote, and the top choice will be the recipient of the money. The winning organization will be invited to our next event to be presented the money and get a chance to say a little something to the group. 100% of the money raised goes to the charity! With the support of our generous sponsors and donated time by the founding members, the 100 Men of Dane County can donate all the money raised.

1) Non-profits can submit their grant request online below.

2) The Executive Board is only reviewing grant submissions from valid 501c3 organizations, and only organizations that are focused on children based needs in Dane County, WI.

3) The Executive Board will review all grant requests and select the top three charities to move to the next round using a specific set of measurements.

4) All three charities that move on to the next round will submit a video back to the board by a specific deadline emailed to them. 


5) Video to be no longer than 2 minutes in length. 


6) Videos will go out to all members to vote for the winning charity.

7) Presentation of winning charity will take place at the Quarterly Luncheon at HotelRED.

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