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Come Join Us!

Jamie Hanson, Liz Witzel, and Leah Linscheid cordially invite you to join a new initiative of that will significantly impact our community in partnership with 100 Men of Dane County. Learn more about how 100% of our donations will stay local - and inspire seismic change.

Join us for our launch party
Tuesday, May 21st,  4:00-6:00 p.m.

M3 Headquarters
828 John Nolen Dr.

As a member, you have a voice and a vote on how we can support charities to help bring them from Survival to Success to Significance. We are keeping it simple: each quarter our members meet to donate their pledge. This means $100,000+ can be raised each meeting to give to the winning charity!

Membership Opportunities

Individual Membership (Age 35+): $4,000 yearly

  • $1,000 tax-deductible donation per quarter. 

  • A one-time $1,000 initiation fee is collected at the start of membership.

Young Professional Membership (Age 18-34): $1,000 yearly

  • $250 tax-deductible donation per quarter.

  • A one-time $250 initiation fee is collected at the start of membership.

The Executive Board evaluates all of the applications submitted and chooses the top 3 charities. They are asked to prepare a short video. Once received, all members will vote. 

Membership Requirements:

  • A genuine desire to give back to our community

  • One year commitment 

  • Annual $4,000 donation to Women's Collective of Dane County via ACH**

  • One-time $1,000 initiation fee

  • Vote for the top 3 charities four times per year

  • Attend our quarterly award ceremonies, happy hours, and other networking events (optional)

Interested in becoming a Women's Collective member? Sign up below.

If you have questions, please email us at 

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